My 3 go-to hair styles are curly, straight with a center part or a slicked-back chignon. I'm not too experimental and I stick with the products that work for me. Here's what my shower rack holds:

Wen Cleansing Conditioner Cream in Sweet Almond Mint - I swear by this conditioner. The telltale sign of a really good one is how soft my hair feels afterwards, and this stuff leaves it super hydrated and smooth. You can leave it in longer for a deeper conditioning or keep a little in after you're done washing as a leave-in.

Hair Rules Wavy Mousse - After I cleanse, I put about 25 pumps of this wavy mousse on in the shower while my hair is soaking wet and finger it through. I try not to overly finger through my hair while I'm adding this product in so that the natural curl pattern isn't disturbed. (Note: I do not leave any conditioner in if I am adding wavy mousse.)

Hair Rules Blow It All Out - I spritz a little of this throughout my hair as a heat protectant, although, I try not to overdo it with product since it weighs my hair down. I'm all about big, fluffy hair, not Ramen noodle curls. That's just me.

My hair is nicely saturated with product when I leave the shower. I then hold a blow dryer with a diffuser over my hair without touching it for a couple of minutes to let the product set in (this keeps it from frizzing up).

Once it's a little dry, I start diffusing my entire head by flipping my hair over, then side to side, gently fluffing and stretching from the roots. My stylist taught me to do everything from the roots. You do not want to touch the outside because it frizzes up almost immediately.

The result? Bouncy curls that get better as the day progresses. And, day 2 is pure perfection.

Celia SmithComment