From the moment I saw Bally's Autumn/Winter collection I was in love. It was as if that cliche statement: "every wardrobe should have the basic essentials" came to life. What the hell does that mean, right? Who's closet ever looks that perfect? We all have randomness––the things we're holding onto for that one day we just might want to wear it again or pass it on to our daughter.

But, something about this collection of clothes on the rack felt like a real adult closet; at least my idea of one. Like, ah ok, this is what a closet filled with essentials (minus a ton of miscellaneous pieces) looks like: a cable knit of all cable knit sweaters, tailored trousers, a seriously sophisticated coat, among other things. I'll take it!

“Razor sharp in focus, soft in silhouette and defined by the cut we played with
proportion to create a look founded in pared-down ultra luxe separates for a
real woman of today,” said Pablo Coppola, Bally’s new design director.

Looks like I'll be spending Saturday cleaning out my closet.


Celia SmithComment